Diagnostic Checklist

Hammeras Group recommends you take these steps when starting your journey with cancer or complex diseases. 


1. always get a second opinion

When facing a new healthcare crisis, it is paramount to seek a second and sometimes third opinion. 

2. consider a research facility 

Locate your nearest and most reputable research hospital, as they often have more resources and options.

3. look into clinical trials

Virtually all advances in the care of cancer patients have occurred as a result of clinical research.

4. FInd an advocate

Choose a healthcare advocate (not a clinical advocate) who can help be your eyes and ears. During times of health distress, it can be difficult to remember discussions with MDs which is important in our ability to make decisions. Often our loved ones can be tired, emotional, and unable to assist you with making the best choices in your care. Consider naming someone to assist you that is not in your immediate family. 

5. don’t trust google

Google is not your best source for making sound healthcare decisions. Quite often the data is not correct and we are being led to a facility who pays to express to us that they are the best in their field, when they are not.

6. it isn’t personal

We know you "like your doctor" but that does not mean he or she is the best fit for your complex healthcare issues. Choose experience first, niceness second!