Collaborate for Cures

What does that mean?

One in 4 deaths in the United States is caused by cancer, yet many researchers and hospitals don’t share their data with each other and the public to advance progress. We are on a mission to change this. By raising awareness about the huge problem with siloed data, educating patients and healthcare providers about their options to collaborate, and supporting active collaborators, we hope to revolutionize the way we study and treat cancer and rare diseases. 

Why collaborate?

Doctors and researchers worldwide are working diligently on improved treatments and cures for cancer and rare diseases, but the majority are not communicating with each other. This means that patients are left to their own research to learn about their diagnosis, which doctors are best, and what treatment will work for them. Every year, thousands of patients travel to another country, come to the U.S. or travel out of state for treatment protocol or to see a doctor or facility more specialized in their unique cancer or disease. This is usually the result of hours or even days of internet research to determine what the new treatments are and who offers them. Imagine the acceleration of progress if the brilliant minds at work shared and could follow along with each other's research and clinical trials in real time. This is not only possible, it's happening right now! But more people need to be aware. The more collaboration, the faster we can get the answers we need to treat these diseases that affect all of us. 

How can i help?

Please join us our movement! We want the world to understand the importance of collaboration in medical research, and more importantly, we want answers and cures to cancer and rare diseases.



If you'd like to get involved, contact Jackie Roll: