Why the snowflake?


My business logo was designed intentionally with a snowflake because I work closely with patients, every day. Patients are unique like snowflakes; no two are exactly alike, even if they have same diagnoses. I have been working in healthcare for 30 years; 20 in hospital administration and the past 10 as the founder of Hammeras Group. I assist patients with personal navigation through their healthcare challenges and I treasure every single patient and family experience I have been blessed to have. Most are healthy and thriving but some have left us too soon, and I miss them.

What I have learned in my years of service is how little we prepare ourselves for healthcare challenges. It is not a frightening topic to prepare for. It’s smart for us to be educated enough to make wise decisions when faced with challenges in life!

Lately, I have been fighting an urge to share experiences on social media as an outlet. Welcome to my blog where I will share experiences to learn from and to honor others. Experiences that are interesting, sad, happy, boring, funny, educational, tragic, and real. Real stories to help us think more. To plan more. To ponder. Perhaps even life-saving stories.

This is good! There is a beginning. Not a beginning of my story but a beginning of every patient’s story. That first moment when we, or a loved-one, is diagnosed. It’s not necessarily bad, it’s just new. It’s different. It isn’t fun. It wasn’t in "the plan” and it caught us off-guard.

Join me on this new journey as I begin to share the real stories that have shaped my own life, and could prepare yours in a more thoughtful path.