A New Hope

I have been anxious about how I would begin my blog, even wondering if I could determine how to select just one experience to share. Which one? 

With sweet thankfulness to my 4-year-old granddaughter, who left a mess on my my coffee table this week that included a book, I chose Mattie Stepanek, author of "Journey Through Heartsongs.” Actually, I think it chose me!

In a quiet evening alone at home, I turned on my TV to watch the first day of college football and reflect on the past week. I glanced at my coffee table that had not been cleaned up since three nights ago. This was a night that I was in Los Angeles with patients while my family was gathered for dinner at my home. By the look of the coffee table, it appeared that my granddaughter had selected this book from our bookcase. I had not thought about this book, or Mattie, for over 15 years. Seeing it brought tears to my eyes as I picked it up to glance through it again. I initially felt sadness that I may have forgotten Mattie but this quickly turned into joy as I realized his life and his words just provided my first blog. 

Mattie Stepanek was only 13 years old when he passed away of a rare form of dysautonomic mitochondrial myopathy  Mattie had a fulfilled purpose in life as a young child; he was a self-proclaimed "peace maker.” He was often interviewed on Oprah Winfrey's show. He was friends with Jimmy Carter. He wrote a book. He was a poet. His three older siblings passed away before him, of the same disease. 

This blog is not about Mattie's disease, or his death. It is about his message to me tonight, via finding his book on my coffee table. It is about his words because tonight, Mattie Stepanek was remembered once again. It is a joy to share four of his poems, with special dedications. Finding Mattie's book was no coincidence. 

Thank you Mattie!




For the world, I thought of you when I read this:

Believing for the Journey

Every day,

Everyone in the world

Should do at least

One thing nice for others.

Doing so can help each person

Believe in himself or herself

More fully, and

Give confidence that may

Inspire each person

To do more and 

More new and good things

For the self,

For others, and 

For the world.

Those positive attitudes

And actions

Can be the first of many steps

Towards the journey

For world peace.

And world peace,

Harmony, and

Confidence are essential

For our future.

(May 2000)


For our movement; "Collaborate For Cures" (CBTTC.org) Mattie wanted us to do this!:

A New Hope

I need a hope.....a new hope.

A hope that reaches for the stars, and 

That does not end in violence or war,

A hope that makes peace on earth, and

That does not create evil in the world,

A hope that finds cures for all diseases, and

That does not make people hurt,

In their bodies, in their hearts,

Or most of all, in their spirits.

I need a hope...a new hope,

A hope that inspires me to live, and

To make all these things happen,

So that the whole world can have

A new hope, too

(May 1999)



Lis, I thought of you when I read this:

Touch of Heaven

What is it like to have a baby

Fall asleep while holding your fingers?

It is a soft, precious touch

It is relaxing, yet exciting.

It is a feeling of trust and importance.

It is so soothing it makes me want to

Fall asleep

It is a song of peace and love

What is it like to have a baby

Fall asleep while holding your finger?

It is a great gift from Heaven

(November 1999)



And finally for you Mattie: We cannot forget your written words of your hopes for life while you were with us a 10-year-old boy. You remain our peacemaker!

Peace of Patience

I cannot wait to become

A peacemaker

I cannot wait to help

The world overcome

Anger, and problems of evil

I cannot wait for the world

To be peaceful

And for everyone

To live in harmony.

I cannot wait to grow

And be and overcome.

But I will wait.

With patience,

And Hope and peace

(November 1999)


For my first blog, thank you Mattie for your book. Thank you my oldest granddaughter for leaving a mess on my coffee table. I suspect my youngest granddaughter will leave her own mess someday :)